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entry sketch
I. Design

Spectrum Architecture recongnizes that every project is unique, so exceptional care is given to all stages of custom home design.  A great amount of time is taken to assess the clients needs, as well as their desires and lifestyles.  A detailed analysis of the land is also undertaken in order to understand the attributes such as view, sunlight, breezes, privacy, topography and noise.  From this meticuous process of design, a series of options for the plan begins to emerge in the form of sketches and overlays.  That form is refined through a process of review until every issue is resolved. No level of detail is omitted, from the site orientation to the selection of interior finishes.

II. Design Development

With the general design established, the next phase is to further develop and refine the layout and forms.  Each of our custom homes is built into the computer as a three dimensional model. This realistic representation allows the design team to study the forms, details, and integration of the materials at an early stage.  The client is also given the rare opportunity to "virtually" walk around and through the home prior to the beginning of any hard construction, in order to fully understand the design that is being prepared for them.  You can almost feel the breezes as you walk through the courtyard, up to the front door and into the entry of your home.  This is a truly unique experience and simply adds  to the fun and excitement of building a custom home.

III. Construction Documents

We take a great deal of pride in the quality and care given to the construction documents. Meant to be a communication tool from the architect to the contractor, our experience has refined the requirements for the construction plans.  Special attention is given to the coordination with the engineers, and other consultants in order to make sure the construction goes smoothly.  Each detail of the custom home is drawn with great care to clearly communicate the design intent and to perform the particular function.

IV. Construction Observation

Once the plans are complete, our services are far from finished. During construction we are on site regularly and are available to the contractor to answer questions and to make sure that the design intent is carried out in every last detail.  This is the most rewarding phase of the process for the custom home architect as well as the client, as the home goes from a vision, to drawings, and then to reality, right before your eyes.

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